9 Instant Image Pick-Me-Ups – Watching your Health with Kratom

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Posted by on September 18, 2015

Heading out to a party? Meeting up with friends in the cool new coffee shop? Rushing for the important meeting with the big client?

Here are a few things you can do before stepping out of the door to pick up your Image Quotient immediately!

  1. Remove one piece of accessory

There’s accessorising, and then there is overdoing it! Look at yourself in the mirror after you have dressed up. Count the number of accessories you are wearing. These include belts, hats or caps, sunglasses, spectacles, earrings, finger rings, necklaces or chains, bangles, fancy hair accessories, which you can find on this site, watches, ties, tie pins, cufflinks, bags, scarves, etc.

Then, remove one item. You will realise you look more chic, more stylish, instantly. Goes for men and women both by the way!

Oh and if you don’t believe me, Madame Chanel said this, not me!

  1. Transform a basic outfit by adding accessories

In direct contrast to rule number one, if you are in love with your favourite tee shirt, or jeans, or any other garment, and would prefer to wear it everywhere and anywhere, you can still change the look of the outfit by accessorising differently every time. Think shoes, bags, caps or hats, scarves, jewellery et al!

  1. Mascara mascara mascara!

If there is one makeup item that women should not step out without, it is mascara! Yes, I know Indian women have beautiful eyelashes- thick and dark, but you don’t know what you are missing till you have brushed this magic wand over your eyelashes! Go ahead and do it, and see your eyes pop! Your eyes will look brighter, giving your entire face a fresh look.

You’re welcome!

  1. Dear men- Shave!

Some chicks may dig your stubble look, but trust me, most of the times you come across as someone who doesn’t bother with his looks. Sloppy in looks can translate to sloppy in life you see!

Unless a stubble or moustache is maintained well and suits your face shape, appearing with any amount of facial hair to events that matter just makes you look uncouth.

Also, shaving helps in exfoliating, leading to a softer healthier skin. To avoid the burn of the aftershave lotion, invest in an aftershave balm with a subtle fragrance.

  1. Watch those shoes!

If the first thing that people judge you by is your face, the second thing is your feet!

Make sure your shoes are polished and buffed, don’t show signs of wear and tear and the heels are maintained. Before walking in to an important event or meeting, check that your shoes don’t have any dirt on them. Carry a mini shoe shine if you can, or a wet tissue works in a jiffy as well!

  1. Irish Pendants

No I don’t want you googling helter skelter for some new kind of accessory! Irish Pendant is a nautical term which basically means anything lying loose. It is adapted in military grooming parlance to mean an unwanted thread which hangs loosely from anywhere in your garment.

This could be a button come loose, frayed seams, or threads coming out from your belts or shoes. Fix that button before you head out, and gently snip the extra piece of thread for a cleaner, neater “turn out”. (Another military term which means appearance.)

  1. Carry your antiperspirant in your bag

We stay in a hot and humid country, and let’s admit it, we sweat. A lot. Sometimes, by the end of the day, we ourselves start feeling a little icky.

Here’s something that has helped me over and over again ever since I was a teenager.

Get into a washroom, remove your shirt, wipe your underarms with a wet tissue or wash with a little soap and water over a basin, pat dry and reapply your deo.

Thank me later!

  1. Buffed nails vs chipped nail polish

You know which one is the winner right? Nail polish should be fresh and subtle, else just go for a buffed nude look if you can’t maintain your polish daily. Carry the same nail colour with you in your bag for emergencies.

Men, trimmed nails will be noticed, as will long ones. Which one would you like people to notice when you shake hands with them?

     9. Make sure you watch out for your health

Some people just take their health for granted. I know, I just to be like that. Maybe it’s an age or maturity thing, but as you start to have health issues it becomes more and more obvious that it is something you need to watch out for. I now take kratom pills regularly to make sure I’ve got my bases covered.

I wasn’t familiar with kratom at first, but a friend introduced me to them. I got some from myself from Kratom masters, and once they arrived I started taking them regularly. It’s pretty amazing what a difference taking kratom daily makes.

If you are unfamiliar with kratom like I was I encourage you to read up on it, and if it sounds right for you try it out!

      10. Smile!

Not only will smiling immediately enhance your looks, but smiling in front of a mirror before you step out of the house will also show whether you have lipstick on your teeth or plaque between your teeth. Sparkling teeth adds to the charm of your smile, always!


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